A Play On The Luck Card Game

October 23, 2019 Casino

Playing card games have been a part of the culture. Either it is for fun or money, it has been accepted right from the start. A lot of players are enjoying the game, not because of the pleasure it provides but it challenges their gaming skills as well. BandarQ is one form of card games that relies on luck. There is no need to say that the game is only for veterans; even an ordinary player can win the game. You can depend on luck, and you can easily play and win. A player can play the game through relying on luck by following these tricks:

While playing the game, you can observe the dealer on the table whom you play.

Never go in and play on the table once the bookie has a high fortune during the play. It is like the luck in favors to the bookie.

Play on the table with the city that is playing less luck. It will be easier for you to play and win the game.


Pick lucky seat

There is a chair that they consider as the lucky chair. Any player who sits on that chair, the luck favours to the player. The player can win the game continuously that makes other players mark the chair for the next game. Once the lucky player stops playing, the chair would probably become occupied. To find a lucky seat is so easy. Determine the lucky chair on the game table by observing which player in favours the luck. You can look at the chairs where players always win. If you are still hanging on the idea, you can have a try on the game. You can try the free-play match, and you will understand everything.

Online rules of the game

As the regulation of the game, both dealer and player have advantages of playing. In this game, one of the players will become the bookie. The game will not start if there is no bookie or dealer. But, to become a dealer is not just picking a player quickly. There will be certain conditions before you become a dealer. A dealer must have a minimum of 10x maximum chips. Small or big chips depend on the table.


Advantages of playing as dealers and players

  • Playing as a player has the benefits of:

The city pays 2x the bet value when you get the highest value of 9.

  • Playing as a dealer has the benefits of:

Once the bookies and players get the same value card, the dealer wins from the bet of the player. Once the bookie gets the highest value of 9, all the players will lose.