A way to win online gambling – DominoQQ

April 10, 2020 Casino

An online domino game will be played using 28 cards. The game is a little bit easy to play than other games. In this game, you should apply some tactics to win the opponent. In one table, they will allow a maximum of 2 to 6 players. After placing you will have 2 pairs of cards with 4 cards. And it will be the objection of the opponents. If the player has the highest value card then the individual will be the winner. The highest value is 9 in dominoqq.

Bonanza reward is the luckiest reward in this online game. Before the bonanza reward, you must get the Jackpot Reward. You can buy the jackpot by paying Rs. 1000/- before playing. If you failed to buy the jackpot and you are having the bonanza card then you will not get the jackpot reward next time in dominoqq. So, it’s better to buy the jackpot if you want to get the jackpot reward. From this article, you can get the details of bonanza card which are available in the game table,

  • Six Gods Card (Jackpot *6666)
  • 4 Balak Card (Jackpot * 100)
  • Big Pure Card (Jackpot * 50)

Six Gods Card (Jackpot * 6666)

The player must have 4 cards from 6 deity card with the round number of 6. For Example, you are buying a big stake card for Rs. 1000/- the bonanza reward will be of 1000 * 6666 = Rs. 6,666,000/- million.

4 Balak Card (Jackpot x100) 

As seen before, you should have 4 cards in each. It should have the same number of top and bottom spheres. Buying a big stake card with the amount of Rs. 1000/-, you will get a bonanza reward as 1000 * 100 = Rs. 100,000/- thousand.

Big Pure Card (Jackpot * 50)

The Big Pure Card has 4 cards into 1 pair. In this card, the Highest Ostensible is 43 and the Smallest Ostensible is 39. The bonanza reward will be calculated as 1000 * 50 = Rs. 50,000/-

Bonanza Reward is the most attractive thing that is liked by all the gamblers in the online site. Most gamblers will look for the big stake reward while playing. That’s why domino administrators have provided various ways to hit the big stake reward easily. By playing in domino gambling site you can make more money. So, if you are playing offline, just jump into online gambling to win and gain more.