Game Of Luck, Game Of Dice

May 12, 2017 Casino

Online gambling industry is the most conducive industry on the world wide web. Millions of people across the world are taking that risk and trying their luck every day on online gambling websites. People who have never visited casinos in real life are finding themselves visiting online casinos on a daily basis. Some people play it for fun and some people try their luck and take it as a regular adrenaline rush dose. Playing games online is far much better than visiting casinos in real. Its hassle free, people can sit on their couch at home relax and play all day and night long in their comfort zones. With the technology and internet advancements these games can be played on mobile phones as well via software only designed for phones. One such game is Dadu Online. Dadu meaning dice. It’s an extremely enticing dice game which is available online through websites and mobile phone applications.

About the game

 In the new world of online casino, the dice games are adding more fun. The dice falls for huge stakes. Dice games mostly involve 2 or 3 dice with 6 sides of each representing a number from 1 to 6 on each side. Online dice games can be played with just a click or a touch of key. The motive of the player in these games is mainly to roll the dice and achieve the predicted number or numbers. Other very famous game in Dadu Online is sic bo. This game is played with 3 dice and is famously also known as Tai Sai ( lucky dice) and Dui Siu (big small). There is board in this game which may look complicated but is very simple to play. Three dice are juggled by the dealer in a small cage and players bet on the results of the throw. The players have to predict and anticipate the results and bet accordingly. As many as bets can be placed by the players like in Roulette. Each bet has a different value for money. The bets can be put on a combination of numbers, big small numbers, total of the three dice, single number on any dice, double number on any 2 dice, triple number on any 3 dice.

If one has great experience and knowledge about online games and money, they have an endless opportunity to play games online.