How to have an aggressive style of play in online poker

April 18, 2020 Casino

I think the key to victory in most cases is a conservative game, also known as a tough player. Recently, I changed my poker game, which began to increase my winnings. My new style of play is connected with the “aggressive hagger,” the style of play that I called. I hope this article explains my new “aggressive hug” strategy.

Many poker players do not understand the game very well, and a traditional game (being a strong player) should allow you to win more money from these players.

Conservative game

When I talk about a conservative game, I mean just a preflop raise with the first 10-15 starting hands. The best time to play a hand with the first 15-20 hands would be if there were no preflop with an increase at that time. Otherwise, you should play the central 10-15 starting hands.

If you continuously win, you should not often chase a straight draw, especially for medium and large bets. When you play low stakes, or in free Ceme Online tournaments, you should not try to steal the blinds, even if you play the button, also called the dealer position.

This is because when you play a game with low stakes or money; in most cases, players call with decent or even terrible hands. When you play at low rates or on free poker sites, winning is often not as important for players as if they were playing at high rates.

What is a poker position?

Poker is all about position. A poker position is where you play from. Then there is the dealer position, the prominent blind position, and the first position after the cards are dealt. The position in which you will call yourself will indicate how you should play the hands that you sometimes put and who will be the first to act before the flop, and after the fiasco – this is the position when your turn comes. Conservative players pay special attention to the situation when playing poker. This is a critical element in his playing style.

Following the traditional conservative strategies discussed above explains the “revealing” part of my recently-invented phrase. In the poker world, the “hug” refers to a person who plays conservative poker very tightly. To introduce the second word, “aggressive,” I will explain how this is included in my new-found strategy.

Aggressive playing style usually includes big preflop raises with sound cards and bold continuation bets. If an offensive player has a garbage hand, this will not show that he is not in a strong position. An aggressive player usually believes and pretends that he/she has the best side.


Try it, try to be an aggressive player on low-stakes free online poker sites, and as long as you are an acceptable player, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well he works.