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January 21, 2019 Casino

Gambling usually refers to investing a certain amount of money or something of material value on an event with a doubtful outcome, with the intention of gaining more money or goods from it. With the advent of the internet, Cara Bermain poker has become a major sport, where people bet online usually through the use of credit cards. It has become a legal gambling market estimated to be worth billions of dollars. 

History of e-Gambling

The Free Trade and Processing act was passed in 1994 in the Caribbean country Antigua and Barbuda. It allowed licenses to organizations looking to set up online casino. Henceforth, this method of gambling gained momentum and the number of gambling websites increased from 15 in 1996 to 200 in 1997.

The Various forms of online gambling include Poker, Bingo, Sports Betting, Horse Racing Betting’s, Lotteries, and Online Casinos to name a few.

Risks associated with Online Gambling

Some of the major risks due to the advent of e-Gambling include-

  • Problem Gambling and addiction- Due to the high speed and instant satisfaction, internet games have led to the problem and pathological gambling. A major part of society suffers from an addiction to these.
  • Minors- Due to the online nature, it is hard to verify the authenticity of the players. Hence minors are getting involved in Gambling issues which have become a major cause of concern.
  • Crimes like Money Laundering and Fraud- It has been observed that the electronic transfer of large amounts of money (usually through credit cards) has been exploited by criminals to cheat the players. Also, sites are being hacked.

Some benefits include 

  • Employment opportunities
  • Investment
  • Tax Revenue.

However, it is difficult to draw a parallel between the risks and benefits associated with online gambling.

Cara Bermain Poker

Government Regulations 

There are about 40 countries that allow gambling legally including Australia, Germany, Finland, etc. It is also prevalent in off-shore countries but is a tax haven. The USA is struggling with bet regulation and banning.

Over the years, India has become the gold mine for online gambling operators. About 40% of the population with access to the Internet, visit online gambling sites. All kinds of betting and gambling are illegal in India. However, there is no law enforcing the same, particularly for Internet Gambling.

The Target Community

Internet Gambling has had an impact on the youth, the number of players increasing from 2% in 2003-04 to 27% in 2006-07. Almost all adolescents playing online tend to divert to offline gambling too. Among adults, a surprising 39.9% of them are involved in gambling, out of which 43.4% are at-risk.

Future of Cara Bermain poker

This industry is expected to grow, mainly in Asian countries. We might move towards a more legalized and controlled method. However, the chances of problem gambling remain. It can be curbed to some extent by regulations that increase the social benefit instead of the risks. Thus, this new method of gambling should be kept under control to ensure no harm to society.