Know about the game monopoly conquer

September 25, 2017 Casino

Monopoly casino is nothing but a board game of traditional casino. The name “Monopoly” itself determines the meaning of it i.e. a single player will conquer the market by wise playing. This game involves investing a property or renting property or simply trading of the properties. The main motto of this game is to gain wealth by acquiring the competitor’s properties during the board game. In monopoly casino game the player have to sit around the board initially at one place. This is either decided by toss or by the paper scissors. At each turn the player need to roll the dice given to them. As per the result the player is moved around the board. At successive rolls the player has to dominate with each other and win the competitors properties. The dice rolling chance is given to all the players successively. The result of the dice determiner the move of the player like how much steps the player is advanced in the board from the result.

The monopoly casino has its own rules and regulations of how to play the game. You can find the user’s manual on the website that clearly explains the working of the game on different landings. If you are not clear with the manual then you can also get help from the expert players in the website. Apart from this you can also get the customer support. On rolling the dice if you are landing on the chest then you need to draw the top most card in the board table. On different rolling the player will land on the property of different owners. The properties invested on the board table will be mortgaged by the owner or it will be for sale. In the case of property is not mortgaged then the player has to rent on it.

If the player lands on a property that is for sale then he/she has to purchase the property listed by paying. If he/she is not interested in buying the property then it is for auction and the other players will acquire it through the bidding method. If the outcome of the dice is double then the player is given a chance. If the double outcome comes in a successive 3 rolling then the player will land in a jail. This monopoly conquer is about the money and winning the property. Download the monopoly software and enjoy playing.