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July 9, 2017 Casino

Playing casino itself is an exciting game that needs you to invest and deposit to start playing. But when it comes to playing online casino, you can play there for free and without any deposit. There are online casinos that even offer you to play with play money and then there are those for the more experienced players where you can play with real money. Whatever is the case, every casino is different especially in the way they offer bonuses.

Bonus for slots

Casinos offer different bonuses which are again different depending on the game. If you wish to play at a casino, you need to first decide which game would you like to start with and what will be the bonus and deposit that you are comfortable with. The bonus will also come with some terms and conditions to be fulfilled before withdrawal.

There are different types of slot games including the very traditional one. There is no strategy followed by the slot machine and win is purely random. Hence, before starting to play, confirm the different bonuses offered.

Bonuses offered:

There are different types of bonuses offered by different casinos. Here is a brief about some of them.

  1. Free cash bonus or no deposit bonus: This is applicable for the new comers into the game. You will be offered fee bonus for signing up and allow betting up to the bonus amount. But you can withdraw this only if you have to pay some deposit or stake some amount.
  2. Match bonus or first deposit bonus: Like the name says, they are given once you signup in the form of cash or a percentage of your deposit. You need to be careful while investing in percentage bonus offer as you may have to deposit more than your bonus.
  3. Ongoing bonus: Offered for the existing and loyal customers, it is a way to retain them. These could be same as no deposit bonus and may have to increase your deposit amount to withdraw the bonus.
  4. Special bonus: These are generally given in slot games for a minimum bet. Get the bonus details by clicking on
  5. You may be offered free spins as you sign up also. This is also a type of bonus. Once you start the game, you can claim your bonus upon your deposit and it can be as high as 100% match.

Always keep checking the page for latest bonus offers.